False Water Cobra

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False Water Cobras are native to Brazil and are often referred to as The Brazilian Smooth Snake. They are a large, fast snake that should only be kept by experienced keepers. 


False Water Cobras are rear fanged, mildy venomous, and are highly intelligent and active. They are known to recognize their owner and react differently to others who enter the room. Reaching a length of 6'-8' and living up to 15-20 years they can be a welcome addition to the collection.

Opportunistic feeders, they will feed on anything they can overpower and swallow whole. This includes birds, fish, small mammals, lizards, frogs, and even other snakes. They do not constrict their prey. Rather, they will pummel it, or often eat it while still alive and/or backwards. 

They get their name from the flattening of their body to appear larger than they really are. The flattening is more pronounced toward the neck and head, which resembles a cobra. 


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